Conference Program

XV. European Hereford Conference Hungary 2018. september 15-20. 

- 15th September 2018.:

­Arrival to Liszt Ferenc International Airport

Airport transfer is available: cars/minivans


From 17.00 pm - registration in the hotel upon arrival

19.00-22.00 pm - Dinner 
Hungarian style buffet menu with a great selection of beverages and premium wines.
Location: Ludwig Boat (on two decks)
Budapest, Jászai Mari Square, Dock 10
(Boarding: 30 minutes, Disembarkation: 30 minutes, Turnaround: 2 hours)

This exclusive, three deck event boat with mood lighting, festive interior design and stylish outdoor set-up on the astroturfed rooftup porch is a luxurious place for wedding parties,  company dinners, cocktail and grill parties.

- 16th September 2018.:

AM– sightseeing bus tour in Budapest (with English speaking tour guides)

12.00 pm - departure to Mezőfalva by bus (with English speaking tour guides)

13.30 pm - Lunch Location: Mezőfalva Farm

14.30-16.00 pm - Professional program: farm visiting

16.00 pm - departure to Balatonfüred (108 km,1.5 hrs)

Checking in to the hotel upon arrival

Accomodation: Anna Grand Hotel Wine&Vital 8230 Balatonfüred Gyógy tér 1.

 On the northern shore of Lake Balaton, in the heart of Balatonfüred, Anna Grand Hotel shaped of ancient and modern stones is different than the others. As an art relic building it rises above the other hotel offers in Balatonfüred and just as every good place has its own story, Anna Grand Hotel also bears the marks of historic events of the past 200 years. 

Dinner - 19.00-21.00 pm
Location: Baricska Wayhouse  Balatonfüred, Baricska dűlő, 8230

 3 course menu with wine tasting and authentic Hungarian live music (Performing: Zoltán Kalló and the Jávor Pál National Gypsy Band) Baricska wayhouse  is located in the center of Balatonfüred amongst pristine vine-stock in a unique environment near the marina and Tagore promenade. From the terrace covered with woodbine there is an exquisite view to Lake Balaton.

The wayhouse was built in 1811 and offers not only an excellent variety of the fish of Lake Balaton but traditional and modern cuisine as well. 

­- 17th September 2018.:   

09.00 am - departure  from Balatonfüred to Tihany (10 km, about 15 minutes)

Short walk on the little streets of Tihany with an English speaking tourguide and souvenir shopping opportunity. 

10.30-11.30 am - BRUNCH

Location: Echo Restaurant & Café  8237 Tihany, Viszhang domb 23.

A glass of good wine, selected food and the view of the infinite Balaton, what else could you need? In the Echo Restaurant & Café you can enjoy the best of modern Hungarian and international cuisine and a wonderful panorama at the same time. This is like peace therapy!

From 11.30 am - Benedictine Abbey and Museum of Tihany (Address: 8237 TIHANY, 1. I.András square) Visiting the Abbey along with a short lakeside walk. After seeing the 2018 temporary exhibitions of the Abbey we will have dessert on the panoramic terrace of the Rege Patisserie which is part of the Abbey.
  The Benedictine Abbey was built 950 years ago on the Tihany peninsula. Our abbey, as ancient churches usually, aligned with the rising sun. Throughout decades destruction and resuscitation has fallen to its share many times. The grave of the founding king I. András is a valued historical site of Hungary.

13.40 pm - Ferryboat departure from Tihanyrév to Szántód, which is a 10 minute boatride, then travelling from Szántód to Kaposmérő (74 km, about 1 hour 15 minutes).

Kassai Inn, Address: 7521 Kaposmérő, Rákóczi u. 9

Time for refreshment and snacks.

From 16.00 pm - Lajos Kassai demonstrating horseback archery

Lajos Kassai originally qualified as a mechanic. He engaged in bowyering as a sideline in the mid 1980s, and reconstructed the Hungarian composite bow from the time of the Hungarian Conquest. Eventually this became his profession, and he became the first in the world to mass-produce this bow. He makes all kind of traditional bows, including Scythian, Magyar, Hun(asymmetric type), Avar[, Mongolian and laminated bows. 

Kassai created the competitive rule system of horse archery in the late 1980s, and started to propagate this new sport, first in Hungary, and from the 1990s in the rest of Europe, the United States and Canada. He made himself familiar with Zen-archery in Kamakura, Japan, and travelled to Shao-lin in China to study.

He founded the center of Hungarian horse archery, Kassai-valley, near Kaposmérő.[4] Horse archery centers based on the Kassai-school are currently operating in fourteen countries, and organize world cups regularly. His life and work was dramatized by Géza Kaszás in the film A lovasíjász (The horse archer), which premiered in January 2016.

Kassai lovasíjász


17.00 pm - travelling to Kaposvár (6km, about 15 minutes)

Checking in to the hotels upon arrival, dinner


Hotel Dorottya **** - 7400 Kaposvár, Széchenyi tér 8.

Hotel Kapos - Kaposvár, Városház u. 4, 7400

 Hotel Dorottya
Hotel Kapos

19.00 pm - Optional program - Zselic Astropark- 7477 Zselickisfalud 064/2 hrsz., 
Zselic Astropark will leave everyone who is interested in nature and our Universe with memories never to forget. The Astropark is located in the middle of Zselic Landscape Protection Area that was awarded the International Dark Sky Park title in 2009. Because of the absence of artificial lighting, and low light pollution, otherwise invisible parts of the night sky become perceptible to the eye.

- 18th September 2018:

9-12 am - Conference (with one break and buffet style lunch) 

Location: University of Kaposvár/Hotel Dorottya­­­­****

During the conference we’ve organized an optional program in the city with English speaking tour guides (lady program) for the ladies accompanying our participants/guests.

14.00 pm - travelling to Hedrehely (33 km, about 40 minutes)

Professional program: farm visiting, then back to Kaposvár at 16.30 pm

19.00 pm - Formal Dinner

Location:Hotel Dorottya**** - 7400 Kaposvár, Széchenyi tér 8. DOROTTYA Ballroom


A five course dinner with matching wine selection will be served.

Dinner/event schedule:

19.00 pm - Welcome speeches, champagne and snacks
19.30 pm - Cold appetizers– with a 15 minute performance of the Somogy Folk Dance Group starting at 19.45h.
20.00 pm - Soup
20.30 pm - Warm appetizers – with another 15 minute performance of the Somogy Folk Dance Group starting at 20.45h
21.00 pm - Main course
21.30 pm - Dessert
22.00 pm - Dance– with live music

- 19th September 2018.:       

9.00 am - departure to Sárospatak

Kaposvár – Gödöllő (216 km, about 2 hrs 45 minutes)

Buffet style lunch from about 12.00 am

Location: Queen Elisabeth Restaurant and Café

Gödöllő, Dózsa György út 2, 2100

After this, travelling from Gödöllő to Sárospatak (222 km, about 2 hrs and 30 minutes)

From 15.30 pm - Professional program - farm visiting

17.00 pm - travelling to Tokaj, checking in to the hotel upon arrival

 Accomodation: Andrássy RezidenciaWine&Spa Tarcal, Fő u. 94, 3915

Gróf Degenfeld Kastélyszálló Tarcal, Terézia kert 9, 3915

- 20th September 2018.:   

Travelling to Budapest (departure at 9.00 am, 232 km,about 2 hrs, 30 minutes), Airport transfer

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